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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Bliss, Love and Taking First Steps.

The best! I woke up early, to shower, read the guide and then Dad started the car. Ran to the car and back to the house because I left my IC, ran back to the car, Dad gave me a '=.=' look. Got there, the people there drove us to the center for the computer test. The wait was torturing, not knowing when the receptionist will let us into the room. After I answered all my questions, I double-checked, triple-checked! I CHECKED THE THING FOUR TIMES BEFORE SUBMITTING THE ANSWERS( I had thirty minutes left ) Dad's word floated in my mind the entire time;
"Check after you answer, check after you answer."


:D I called my Dad, he went back to sleep, told him face full of smiles :) Yes, first step to THE STEERING WHEEL !

Got home after that, napped right after because I was too tired. When I woke up, DVD and food! Then I logged into Facebook, checked all the notifications and saw two mentioning the AFS letter. I got all jumpy and anxious, asking Jaycee if the postman came today. She said no, I called Mom, she said 'No' too, then I remembered that I filled in Aunty Vivian's house address because I wasn't sure when I'm moving. I called Aunty Vivian, she wasn't home and said she'd check once she gets home. She did and called me after that asking if she should open the letter for me, I said yes, she did and...

I'm going to the interview!

That, is the first step to THE STATES ! Wish me luck! The interview's on the 8th ( RESHWEEN, A LUCKY DAY I SEE )

I asked her, she said yes, so this is surely a day to remember!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Off With His Head!

Had fun this morning shopping for cloth for Sya's prom dress. I was FASHIONABLY late! I like this pun! After I reached, we went out right away, picked up Nasyim on the way to KAMDAR.The whole process of choosing and deciding, rejecting and agreeing. F.U.N I tell you. Especially with tasteful people; Mai, Diba and Nasyim. Yes, Sya, you're not in the list, or else we would have gotten the thing we wanted faster. But still, I love youuuu :)

We got to the tailor then back to Sya's place. Then, the camwhoring began! Well, it started since we got to Kamdar. Whatever, I'm just going to post the pictures. The whole day was filled with going online, watching music videos, reading our horoscopes, reasoning Sya, CAMWHORED and slept(well, that was me, gum ulcer you see)

at Kamdar.
at Sya's

All the other gazillion pictures , FACEBOOK yea people. :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love how you never fail to make me smile ;)

I sketched another six dresses for Sya. I HATE DRAWING FORMAL DRESSES WITH LONG SLEEVES. =.= The sleeves get on my nerves! Plus, the gigantic ulcer is killing me! I had to place a cold water bottle on my chin while answering my exam paper.

Had bananaaaaaaaaaaaaa cake Mommy bought. Hee. Then some homemade sushi Ong's sister brought. She made it just for Ong, how sweet, I want someone to do that for me too. Now, I shall go read the road laws/rules(?) while watching the Korean Drama. I recommend this I tell you. Brilliant Legacy. Didn't know Mom bought the DVD! Hee! AWESHUMMM.

Stupid ulcer. Grr. I can't even talk properly, it's almost like when I pierced my tongue all over again.

Toodles :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Love Game.

When I was young I asked my Dad;

Me : Why did you marry mommy?
Dad : Because she whistled at me. :)

I asked the same question to Mom

Mom : Because he whistled at me. :)

That, I tell you is the cutest thing ever! It's so sweet, it never fails to make me smile. It was my sister, Joanne, who asked, I remember really clearly when she asked.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am I going to see you on the other side?

Nurrizque Addelina, cute right :) She wanted a picture of me on Teachers' Day but I didn't want to so she took one during recess time Thursday, I think, (or Tuesday) Yeah. One of those days. Haha.

Spent my whole day killing virtual enemies again! I have no mood to study at all but at some point, I stopped, ate and started doing Addmaths. Accompanied Jaycee to watch OHSHC, then now, I'm going to read some BM before the rerun of Trauma starts. After that, I'll go to bed. Nothing is going to get into my brain much anyways, better sleep then wake up all fresh tomorrow morning right. Hmm. Yours Truly, bad mood, not saying anything anymore.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Raining McRawrs and Domo-kuns.

I sat through the five hours course and trust me, bring a group of people along or else you'll get bored to death. BUUUUTT, luckily the second instructor has a good sense of humor, he's almost like Salehin. Ah, I miss that teacher. Speaking of guy teachers, I miss Mr Mentali. :d He sent me a message that day via Friendster.

Oh, speaking of the most humiliating thing ever, I left my IC at the Driving Institute (did I mention the place's acronym : P.M.S Pusat Memandu Sepakat!)and the lady had to call me to return to the place. With my eyeliner all wiped clean, hair tied up and pants off, well I stripped off the jeans,THEN put on some shorts. Sooooo, I called my Dad and he drove me back there, retrieved my IC. I scheduled the test, next Saturday morning.

Well, Yours Truly spent the day kicking-animated-butts playing zOMG with Kitson, Jaycee joined us afterwards. Now, feeling like I should read something, I shall re-read Shiver. Then I will sleep early then wake up early then read some Chemistry then try not to fall asleep then miss Referee a.k.a REF.FY. I'm going to ask her, if it's a no, at least I've tried.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Yes, You.

Today's paper= EPIC PHAIL, the only marks I think I'm getting will be from the Cell Division chapter, that's all. Yes, it was that bad. Never mind, let's skip that. Hee.

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about you.

Hee. So cute can :) I'm fell pretty today, very vain very vain. HAHA.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I didn't know we have to dress well to listen to the course, seriously, for five hours!

♥ iloveyou.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vroom Vroom BANG!

Dad drove Jaycee and I to register for the Undang Course. It's this Saturday, the course is this Saturday. Sudden approval from my parents so I need to grab the opportunity! The total cost of the whole package(including the test and the instructor fee and all that crap) is RM600! Well, for the sake of my younger siblings so that mom don't have to chauffeur them to school every morning. ;)

Biology, meiosis occurs in gametes only! It got drilled into my brain because I saw one clip in YouTube, the guy is awesome, I want him as my Bio teacher! ;p

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home Alone.

Yee Leng

Kelly and Yee Leng

Stayed home because of some unforeseen circumstances, got a few more pictures from yesterday and is having an urge to slash something so I came online to play zOMG!. Pretty lifeless but Yours Truly is pretty bored right now.
Till then.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bitter Heart, Chocolate Heart.

Right after I entered the gate, my smile got flushed down the toilet. I have to hold on to someone to keep myself from prancing right at her face and chew her face off! (that, my friend, i wish is not a hyperbole, sadly it is) I made it anyhow since I didn't have to see that face again. Stopping here, not mentioning since I need to post in a cheery mood or else the things go haywire and really messed up and I draft this instead of posting.

Hiding from Faie!


Crowning the King and Queen of Teachers' Day!

With Kila Mohd, the superstar!

Or, a.k.a my cheerleader!

It took forever for Faie to tell us what was the cardboard cartoon that she saw, I even asked her if it was some kiddy show that only Najhan(Najhan=Faie's nephew) would watch. In the end, it was just;

Yours Truly had Curry Noodles for lunch :) Yummy! Let's talk happy, I quit! I'm no longer in the Editorial Board. That, I can assure you, is a bliss.

The rockstar signing out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ornamental Duties.

Took a break from all the organelles and cells to make the layout, it didn't take long but it looks nice right ? ;D Oh, notice the music change? I like it, if you don't, just pause it every time you come here, like how Seng Hoo does.

I have the pictures from Tinie ;

Eeeep, Yours Truly loves how the picture turned out ;)
So cute eh ? Heee, narcissistic I know.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not Forever, You Don't Stand A Chance.

Yes, you’re not going to mess with me or my friends! Seriously, get yourself a gut before you mess with my people! It’s so dumb to go around doing things behind our backs, we all know you. We all know what you’re capable of, too well. Haven’t you learn already from the past? or you’re just that dumb to repeat the same mistake? Yes, most probably, there’s no other way! I always have time to deal with losers, bring it on!

It's a shame that no one understands, right Faie? We'll succeed in our own way! I can already guess what they are going to tell you(and most probably me also) but let me tell you, take it in, we're already quiting no matter what, it's our right! You have us, everyone(but them) knows about our capability! We all know she's just some random bitch getting on our way just because they can't get no where by their capability(what do you call people without any capabilities?) We are the champions alright! :) Tinie, Chucky, Deq'a, Zerra and the others(INCLUDING ME, YOU CANNOT FORGET ME!) are there for you! Come on, hun! Yours Truly go play Pictureka with you yeah!

Jom main Pictureka, Penny sure kalah mcm bodooo je!

Now, I will go and download Yahoo Messenger so that Faie will leave me alone! XD

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Princess Penny Wants Crystals on Her Handcrafted Silver Tiara

picture from the Science On Wheels

Aimi said I look like a princess because of how I did my hair today. My fringe grew long enough to be officially let down free instead of all clipped up like a picture I posted few days ago. Yes, Princess Penny speaking at the moment, silence please. Azura and Fana complimented the HAIR too. Then in the afternoon, Jevy and Sarv, the same. Jevy scared me a lil' when she looked all serious and such before she said I should do the same hair everytime because me look pretty ;) My Nurrizque too, that girl pinched Yours Truly's cheek even. Aww, so cute :D Yep, I feel pampered today, yes yes I do.

Yes, Ong, I feel the imaginary flowers behind me sparkling and dancing while I speak. My referee.

Lin, on the other hand, won't stop disturbing me the whole day. It's fun though, I feel the love. HAHAHA. All the love crap is getting onto me too effectively.

Wan Z made me converse with the class whiteboard again! XD It was hilarious! I wish I copied the convo down but before I did, Miss Fong entered the class. It reminds me of the time in our Form4 building, ahh, the Sticky Notes Wall.

Time passes so quick, it's already May and next week is my Mid Year Exam already. No more novels, Penny. Go bury yourself in all those pocket notes! T-T Yes, such miserable life. Since I'm in a good mood today, I shall go study. ;)

Take care my fellow pathetic amount of readers, drink more water until you feel so horribly drunk!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Bleed Just To Know You're Alive

again, with collar.
*I got lazy some part, so forgive me ;B

I hope it's the heat that's screwing with my head because I don't feel like falling sick all over again. I barely managed to survive morale class this afternoon, I slept through it and still the headache won't leave me alone.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Just Want You To Know Who I Am

Today is the happiest day by far this week ;)
The Science on Wheels Fair from Pusat Sains Negara rocked the school along with the Xpax S.O.X people! Had a lot of fun loitering actually. HAHA. All the pictures are with Tinie and I can't wait to get my hands on 'em.

Faie, how are you Faie, at home? ;D

Tinie Tinie,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shiver, Linger and Forever.

This is the first draft. With collar also, and there's supposed to be one PDRM logo and another logo of something which I don't remember, at all. Will find out from Faie soon. Spent my day reading 'Shiver', it's awesome so far and either I finish it today or stop reading until after the Mid Year papers. Aww.

Oh. What Jaycee and I did yesterday when Mom came home;

Mom was hitting the showers.
I asked her for her phone.
She gave it to me without hesitation(usually it takes forever to persuade her, she interrogates you until you give up).
I put the strap on.
Placed it back in her room.
Made Jaycee call her on her cell phone after she entered her room to make sure she sees the strap.
Jaycee asked her, "Do you like it?"
She said yes and there was a smile in her voice.
Jaycee and I laughed like maniacs.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just A Really Very Intelligent System

Watched Iron Man 2 with Kitson and Jaycee today, bought last minute tickets! While Kitson was busy freezing in the theatre, Jaycee and I had fun going 'oohh' and 'ahh'. Okay, fine, it was me only!

J.A.R.V.I.S has such sexy voice!

Hee. Worth watching and it's really nice! At first I was reluctant because I didn't watch the first movie while the other two did but it turned out awesome! Glad that Kitson dragged me to the cinema to wait in the super duper long queue. After that we bought Momma a present which will remind her of all of us forever(whenever we're in school) It's a phone strap with our initials and a cute monkey charm ;) Had sizzling mee and ice kacang for dessert. Bought a t-shirt and liquid eyeliner for myself. Took a cab back and after a whole day, my eye make-up did not smudge one bit! Woah, big accomplishment! HAHA. Well, that's all, I'm getting the New Moon DVD+poster later next Tuesday when I go out with Sya. Can't wait to see her, it has been so long!

File:Iron Man 2 poster.jpg

Raindrops Falling on My Head.

Do you know that I have my own 'dream remote' in my mind, somewhere in there when I have no mood to do anything and decide to sleep TO DREAM. Yes, I love to dream, there's where inspirations for my designs come from(besides from my observations in school, and being with my friends), there's also where I find my little happiness and there's also where everything can happen; my dream realm. I tend to try and fall back asleep in attempt to continue the dream and I switch to different 'channels' of dreams sometimes. I can sleep up to 12 hours just for the sake to dream! That's Yours Truly, so crazy yea? But that's who I am and that's how I manage to put on a smile everyday, my little realm of all possibilities! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gitchee Gitchee Goo!!!!

Had awesome crazy time with Elly and Pris at the mall today? Yes, of course! Elly was so extreme as she pierced her ears; three at the same time! One helix even!Made Yours Truly super excited to get more of her own...after SPM. Bought some accessories for Yours Truly. ;) Momma wants me to get a cardigan. Why oh why may I ask? Hmm.

Congrats to my awesome class for the win in the quiz, will compete in the Finals tomorrow! ALL THE BEST GUYS! You all know I'll be there holler-ing and cheering for you guys. HAHA. Oh, I camwhored with Tinie's DSLR in school even, it turned out great, I should go nag Tinie for the pictures soon! I'm coming Tinieeee. >D

Pictures with Elly though, meaning this will be a really empty post! D;

Toodles ya'll.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life's Not A Fairytale.

This is for the one in the picture.
Move on, hun. It hurts I know because the ones that you care for the most hurts you even more. It hurts but you'll survive.
It hurts, yes, but it happens, it happened.
It hurts but it goes away, not now but sooner or later.
It hurts but that's life.
It hurts but the past has passed, there's tomorrow to live for.
It hurts because you care.
It hurts because you'll survive.
It hurts because it will go away.
It hurts because that's life.
It hurts because the past has passed and there's tomorrow to live for.
It hurts, but I'm here for you.
I'm here for you to listen and to wipe the tears off your cheeks.

Don't worry. :)