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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Are you in the well?

This is dedicated to Leong Kexin(Jaycee's friend) who is very much afraid of me because of my tongue piercing. So here's a latest picture of me with the piercing; the barbell I wore that day was colorful, you know! :)

And an anonymous friend of Jaycee thinks that I'm sweet. Anonymous friend of Jaycee, thank you, that was really nice of you to say such a thing :D

I'm much better now, I lost weight though, my pinafore got visibly looser. Hmmm, free diet plan from sick and everything I guess. HAHA.

The entire day in school was spent with Deq'a and Lily. Luckily Deq'a got me out from the line, if not I would have lost a few toes, frozen from the stupid humongous fan!

Then we talked and talked and then Dayah(twink twink) joined us, then left us, then we walked to class, took my bag, time to go home.

Fatin Nadira Abdul Nasser, you like the sun so much is it?! So annoying okay that I had to stand under the sun with you. But, luckily she understood the princess-y me and got us out and into shadier places before I go crazy all the time. I love you laaaaa. (:

Just before that, we met Atiqah Lott near the field, I called her, she looked at me then walked straight to me, a dissatisfying look on her face. I told her, "Smile a bit." She did and it made my day. Thanks, girl. :)

Faiqah Yasin, I'm not no freako no no, you're the freak and I'm the sane one always pulling you back to reality!

Short, because I'm tired.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


After three days of sleepless nights, aches, fever, coughs and pain every single time I breathe, Yours Truly is back and posting. Not fully recovered but from the way I'm speaking/typing, you can see/read that I'm better(I didn't even have the energy to talk for days)

Seriously, this time, it's the worst time ever, I can't taste anything; even the air tastes bad! How is that even possible. My lips tingles and every time I move, it hurts, as if an organ will fall out of place. That's how bad it feels like.

Halfway typing this, Chucky called, and I realized how slow I spoke, taking deep breaths after every syllable to get the word out but in the end I'd end up with a cough, because I was out of breath. Sorry Chucky, for the un-fun convo.

If dying means suffering the way I am suffering right now, might as well kill me right now or don't even think about coming near me, Death. (Except you, Remo, my Hottie Reaper.)

I can't help but to feel awful that I broke someone's heart.
Maybe me getting sick is the punishment? The guilt eating me up?

Now my chest hurts. :(

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pathogens gone wild.

Is sick and totally sun-burnt. Where are me aspirins?

There's hope and expectations to you when you come to school. I appreciate that they're for me. Really, I do. But, I'm nice to almost everyone, those I know, those I talk to. I'm sorry I gave you any false hope and happiness, that meant more than a friend's sincere wish of wellness, to you. The love you're describing for me, it's different. My love for you is never more than love for a friend, a younger sister. I'm so sorry the smile I gave you meant the strength for you to go on. I don't know how to say it but I'm not into you the way you are into me. I suck at being mean, so I'm just going to treat you the way like before but I want you to know that there's a line that you shouldn't cross.

Sorry for the misunderstandings.

This might sound delirious and totally mean(because me being nice means flirting) but I just want to get this out. I didn't want to at first but I feel awful for leading you to a false hope. I'm really glad, you like me but I don't feel the same. I like you of course, but not the same kind of like. Okay?

No matter what, I'll always be there to guide you if you need me. I'll continue to give you the strength you need, no matter what.

Call me a bitch for doing this but I'd fell more like a bitch if I didn't. Yeah, it hurts. Sorry.

I most probably just lost a friend. :(

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stars, Hearts and Polka Dots

I need some sleep.

The name tags are done, tears had to fall to get my sister's attention to WAKE UP and tell me where she put the hole puncher!

Off to school, will post later :)

Lady Gaga shades in the house! BGP!

Director and Props Manager.

Lyn 啊斯林.I don't think I've shown her picture yet, so here's one! In the stuffy tent. I bet she knew I was taking her picture! HAHA. She was looking.
The not-feeling-so-well Lyn, the hungry Mai, the one trying to crack a joke Tia.

Under the shade :)

I'm back.

I'll talk about this morning's theater later because it'd be better with pictures from Tinie and Atikah.

So, the first thing in the morning was of course getting to school. I got there and passed the name tags to Amy and Yus. Later on the others started to arrived and we went to the hall. Met with Lyn and the other cadet girls. Passed them their name tags also. Then helped Lyn with her beret and uniform while I myself played with Wai Yaen's headgear!

Then saw Dayah so I did the peace-wiggly thing with her! ;D So cute! HAHA.

Was busy running around to the hall and to the field because of theater and I simply couldn't make myself stay in one place for too long. I can die ._.

After theater, Yours Truly waltzed(not that gracefully) to the field to join the others. Had an encounter with Zul. Then there was treating Yoke Jen and Shireen AND Mimi, taking pictures with Sivagamy and many more people, I don't really remember. HAHA. Sorry. BUT I STILL WANT THE PICTURES. Later on I saw Kak Fatin! :) Talked to her for a bit and then wandered off again, OH, had an awesome 'sighting' with Qiela!! Bella and Tun came ! woots!

Then, someone made an announcement and seriously made me blush.

After all those, had a stroll, an aimless stroll out of boredom, with Lyn. She was sick and refused to get out of the stuffy tent, I had to pull her out! HAHA. The arm in arm stroll was filled with tease and random 'huh's and 'hah's because the PA system was too loud and she whispers most of the time! =.= The funny part was whenever the juniors tried to sell things to her, she would ask if the food's allowed. I shook my head more than a thousand times that morning/afternoon. We stopped by a really 'strategic' spot under the tree because she was tired. Then without noticing, time flew and it was time to go back.

Mai called all the Theater girls to go to the backstage to clean the things and have a little heartfelt appreciation kinda talk. I ended up tearing a little when Mai thanked me. I'm awed and really awed. ILOVEYOUHUN :) I think I know what you're talking about, kiddo.

Unlimited thank you's to :
Atiqah Lott for carrying the hamper and doing whatever I tell you to. Plus, the whispering just for fun was FUN. She's a ball of laughter and cheesy grins!
Nadhirah for helping with the props and suggesting the help!
Fara, Athirah & friends(sorry I don't remember all of your names, but I know your faces laaa) for all sweeping, carrying, running around helping the costumes, microphones and calling me 'Kak Penny' all the time. :) Very cuteeee.
Tia for bringing the random sweetness and cuteness !
Wan Teh for watching the 'kubur' ! HAHA. She calls me 'senior' all the time.
Atikah for helping props also!
Sheau Ching for helping around, buying 100plus for me(for Lyn)
Wan Mei for replacing me to take the award, "you're carrying my name, don't trip!"
Vasantha & Uges for helping out with the decoration!
All the 5Avicennians for being Avicennians! :)
Yoke Jen for buying me drinks and then taking walks with me. Sorry I ditched halfway. ;p
Yoke Ching for the 'special' gift

I had a great time, even though I didn't get to spend it with my Gay Bunnehs + Gay Manager(Deq'a), it was an experience worth remembering for the rest of my life!

Who would have thought that drama, hot suns and strolls could be that much of fun !

I feel really loved today and I love it!

Yes, I melt that easily.

I respect and love those who respects! So yes, I respect and love all my prop girls(this includes Fara and the form 3 girls), plus Nadhirah, Atiqah Lott(wait, she hasn't called my name yet, not even once!She usually taps my shoulder or gets my attention by waving), Tia, Sabrina 'Kiddo', 'Mydin'.

I got darker, times two! The stroll with Lyn did it all ._.

Lyn, dengar cakap Miss! :) A tiny shard of my heart fell off when you told me you're sick. Don't do that!

Oh, I think I caught Lyn's virus or is it the sun working its way to my brain, causing me this crappy headache. Must.Go.Get.Vitamin.Bye.

"I'm scared next year you won't be here already so want to take picture with you." Ooi Peng said that.

Friday, July 23, 2010

When the skies are blue..

The UV ray from the sun is the most annoying thing in the entire Milky Way! Yes, I got darker. Unlike how I was like in the picture above. Of course not that fair but you get the idea.

My past few days revolved around a few certain people, lemme see; (in order of times hung out together)

Lady Gaga ! Sell Salad. XD
Alyn 啊斯林
Thanks for the constant teasing, it's fun, no matter how much I sulk after that.
Wan Z
She's so cute ! The two of us dedicated the flyer to Zerra, whom we miss a lot.
Thanks for being so tolerant :)
The hot historian !
I want the poems, I know you're reading this. XD
Theater girls
Greatest !
Props girls
Thanks to all of you for helping out!
Thanks for teaching the Rubiks trick :) and wasting my RM6! And me dragging you across and all over the place.
Kicking ass! Hey, yo man! You're too late, man!
Tinie tinie comelll :D Cheerleader 5Avicennia !
I just love you and our Wednesday, close to your heart!

Where's your hometown, people?
I'm your TRUEST IPOH MALI ~! :)

For the first time, I'm so tired I feel like fainting! Stupid weather.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One in A Million and Lady Gaga

Those are pictures from Sunday.

Today was exhausting, carrying pots and looking for dead leaves with Mai. A few gossips here and there but overall it was alright, except the fact that I cut my fingers accidentally.

So, now, things are awkward between us. Why did you do that anyway?

Oh, at 1pm we stopped at the hall, sat and waited for teacher. The conversation about phone numbers and selling top-up cards started and then in the end Atiqah Lott sang 'OIAM' to me :) Aww. It was like she's telling that I'm the only oddball using Digi in the family. Haha. So cute !

Then I was called princess again ;)

F was cute as always.

I miss Zerra, the T.I. girl.
I miss Azlin, the misscall girl.
I miss Wan Z, the artistic girl.
I'm having the MPD again. D:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's skip the sad part.

Yesterday, my youngest aunt decided to treat us dinner! The all-you-can-eat buffet style steamboat! Yep! Near my place, at First Curve, Falim : Happy Times Restaurant!

So, here are the pictures!
Warning : Yours Truly without make up!

The beginning of throwing everything in

6/10 of the sauces

A serious one

A not-so-serious one ;)


Trust me, the pictures were from the first hour of the three hour dinner! The amount of food was more than you can imagine! Worthy though, cheap but if you have any leftovers, they'll weigh it and charge an extra RM10 for each 100grams.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yours Truly bought this today. Just so suddenly, the CD stores are stocked with the fourth albums and loads of CNBLUE, MBLAQ, ZE.A and FT ISLAND albums.. =.= I want all of them but sadly, I'm not a billionaire. Got that Aunty to watch out for 'Rainbow Romance' in case it comes in. :)

So, I'll list down everything chronologically(I'll try my best to remember) since NCIS NAVY is on and it's distracting enough.

-Met Mai in front of Sushi King
-Went to the CD place and bought Bonamana
-Went to several boutiques
-Bought T-shirts
-Went to Sya
-Ate flavored shaved ice at the 100 ¥ shop
-Met Kelly's mom and of course Kelly! :)
-Went to Speedy and some other CD shop
-Ate lunch/dinner at Kopitiam Junction
-Discussed the props with the DIRECTOR, Mai XD
-Then Popular to get the crafting foam for the props
-Went to Giant because Sya told she's there, turned out to be a false statement
-Went home with a cab, reminder to claim RM20 from Daddy
-Watching NCIS !

Oh, make up still on! HAHA.

Having fun reading fanfiction! :)


It's always nice to know that there's someone out there that remembers my presence and wishes for me to visit them soon :) Thank you, Kelly's mum! Her uncle and aunt is in Ipoh too :D

Sometimes, we just need to let each other know what's the problem, keeping it in yourself creates a kind of hatred. It builds up really slowly and when it bursts, the friendship may never be regained.

I realize, people seek advices from me sometimes and I wonder where I get the advices from.

Yes, I, Penny Chong Shu Qi, admits that, I am very soft-hearted. That's not a bad thing, you know.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

She smiled a bright smile.

My morning was filled with fun screaming, yelling, running, crying and adorable three-six year old kids

Then the duty was okay, boring but the kids made me smile in awe all the time :)
Disturbed the Cadet girls and it was fun too;
Z : Pornstar ~!
L : Penny Chong Shu Qi!
F : Pennnnyyyy ~
and multiple shouts from here and there ! Yours Truly ish luuuvrrrddd.

When Deq'a texted and said she was alone, I grabbed Diba and hung out at the field ! The seniors sat by the side watching, observing, constantly firing comments at the others, talking and everything. It was another fun thing, like aww awww awww Then there was football, umbrellas, screaming, shouting, going deaf sitting beside Sue and guessing who would join the new squad ! F-U-N !

Yep, my latest obsession; my skin. I was holding Zerra's umbrella, walking in the middle of the field, shouting at my football 'team' as their manager ! :D

Chucky's cheese oreo! iloveyouchuckycomel! Later on Monday I'll give you a big big hug okay! ;) The best deskmate !

Later on, we got free food courtesy of the canteen, ate something I've never eaten and I actually don't remember the name ! That's awesome, Penny. -.- (I'll go and ask Deq'a later) Oh, I owe the canteen money! That was kinda hilarious !

Oh, I was so tired, I took a nap. And the nightmare began, I'm having nightmares again, after such a long time. Whyyyy ? ;( Hmm.

A typical Yours Truly post, shall go cheer myself up with some Super Junior songs. Bye.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I My Me Mine.

The day started with a;

"Awww, you're the first to come up to me so early in the morning and ask what we're studying today." *pinches cheek* That, was from Pn. Sushil when I saw her in the morning, asking what we'll be studying for the day. HAHA.

Then, later on I was laughed epically by Joanne W. because of my tiny fingers! Seriously. But I had fun shouting and cheering for 5AV!

Well, class was crazy as usual, I got called out during English period to see the Teacher of Student Affairs. I thought I was in trouble. When I was on my way out, Pn. Sushil hollered for me to take off all my piercings and tuck my hair properly! Fun! Until I met the Discipline Teacher, got stopped to show her my tongue and then she complained to the clerk, bitchin' much?

Here are some things from today :
My alter-ego, mysterious self
I'm a candle princess
Me getting mad is cute
I can make people smile

Convo :
F : nampak comel la pakai baju kurung..

D : Deq'a lagi suka Penny pakai baju kurung.
P : *looks at her incredulously* Panas lah! Tak suke!

They are a lot more but I'm too tired to type.

OH, Yours Truly is not selected for NS :)
I shall continue tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

kim mcSOLAR...

...In conclusion, all of them are just so cute in their own way~ :D
With Teukie-oppa and all the way to PrinceKyu and Zhoumi and Henry~ Irresistible !

Super Junior Hwaiting ~!

Yours Truly is going to try and update sometime soon, is really busy with school and things.
My day today was 'eventful' though. I can gladly say that I've grown up, I'm no longer the 'kiddo' you know last time. Time has passed and changed the way I think, I consider and I act. I'm a better person, more mature.(not vain!)

See you guys tomorrow at 0300 hours.
Me and my screwed up sleeping schedule.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yours Truly bought this yesterday before lunchtime with Kitson at Sushi King. Kept wanting the 4jib but it's too expensive, it would be worthed but I'm not all fangirl crazy to go all hands on on all their merchandises, I'm going to wait for the DVD to come out, I want the MV(s), be reasonable. But, I'm going to get the Super Show 2 DVD soon, saving money you see. Had a very big time spending going on yesterday.

Really tired, going to take a nap, Dream Team rerun is on later! :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

it's 12.10 in Korea now, so...

For Those Who Actually Missed Me.

Pictures are all in chronological order, thank you. Yes, ALL ME. For you have missed me ! :)

It has been a while since I last posted, a lot of birthdays and wishes and such, I'll post it tomorrow.

Here's some updates in bulleted form :
-Is handling SEVEN T-shirt designs.
-Open Day was alright ~!
-Is sleeping back in my own room.
-Got herself a memory card reader, finally.
-Has been visiting the public library a few times already.
-Met new people.
-Has a current obsession for Starbucks' Mocha Frappucino.
-Is starting to dream again.
-Drew nothing but T-shirts these days.
-Is still really busy with school and everything.
-Going to start the props for Theater.
-Watching Eclipse and Toy Story 3 tomorrow with Kitson.
-Piercing almost got stuck!
-Really busy !
-No, I'm not catching up on Fifa, I don't watch football.
-No, I am not THAT softhearted.
-I'm not worth admiring, so seriously, stop it.
-Yes, I am really busy, don't call me arrogant.
-You're lucky I even smile at you.

pennyQi, the rockstar.