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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One in A Million and Lady Gaga

Those are pictures from Sunday.

Today was exhausting, carrying pots and looking for dead leaves with Mai. A few gossips here and there but overall it was alright, except the fact that I cut my fingers accidentally.

So, now, things are awkward between us. Why did you do that anyway?

Oh, at 1pm we stopped at the hall, sat and waited for teacher. The conversation about phone numbers and selling top-up cards started and then in the end Atiqah Lott sang 'OIAM' to me :) Aww. It was like she's telling that I'm the only oddball using Digi in the family. Haha. So cute !

Then I was called princess again ;)

F was cute as always.

I miss Zerra, the T.I. girl.
I miss Azlin, the misscall girl.
I miss Wan Z, the artistic girl.
I'm having the MPD again. D:

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