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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys.

This afternoon was filled with watermelons, presents, fish and chips, wrapping papers, Starbucks, decafs, cabs and very blur people all around ! It was so tiring but fun since we had loads of laughters here and there. It'd be much better if Deq'a or Mai could tag along; to help carry the things! HAHA, nawwww, it'd be fun if the two were there. :D

This is going to be on hiatus since I'm busy with school for the rest of a few months. After that, don't complain that I go online too much! HAHA. I'll give you updates from time to time though;
- Dad came home with a new car, Honda CRV.
- I passed my Addmaths !!!!
- I got an A for my Arts Paper.
- My favorite hobby is DRINKING ! No, not alcohol, water. I love H2O~!
- My latest obsession is the SUJU boys, the love and 13!

My deepest condolences Min.

Monday, June 14, 2010

An Expensive Secret Hangout !

Sometimes, I just feel like driving along the highway for hours, listening to loud music and singing my heart out. That's what I'll do once I get my license!! An endless journey along the friggin' highway to nowhere! Then turn back just in time to eat dinner! HAHA. After that, the partying, travelling and sightseeing begins !

Like seriously, Yours Truly is so bored right now, she can rot, literally. Jaycee is asleep(napping is her only priority), Kitson's not home until tomorrow and Penny is stuck at home ! The piercings feel really boring nowadays, I want to get a new one ! (Naw, I'm not serious, Siew Mei, don't worry)

Online manga's are all removed due to requests from the publishers, meaning I really have nothing to do at home nowadays.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maksim Mrvica

Woke up early enough to catch Jaycee online on the couch, watching The Nanny. Then continued sleeping. Got up two hours later when Jaycee was on her way out to the HQ. Mom came home at the same time and ordered me to my chores! I threw out the garbage freaking twice; Kitson ! It's your job you know ! Get home already! Then made some soup for the night, washed the dishes and this and that, I even vacuumed the entire living room, GO ME !

So, now, exhausted and listening to Maksim, while waiting for The Nanny to load AND listening to Plankton sing on Nick.

Bye lovers.

Corsages and Blair Waldorf.

Was on the phone with Sya talking about prom and her night and hairstyles and popcorns until Jaycee's phone battery died !

Speaking of prom;
Hey you ! Remember when you asked me to your senior prom ?
The answer is still 'yes'.

Woah ! I didn't realize how great the headphone is! Lappie's sound systems suck, big time! Like seriously! I had them on to watch 'The Nanny' on Youtube. Then when I came to my blog, I could hear every single sound and beat of Soul Sister! I can freaking hear the electrical guitar, every single pluck of the ukulele !!

That, my dear readers(if there are any left), is one killer set of headphones! And a super random post from Yours Truly. Very tired. Signing off.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Donashiii :)

So, yes. In chronological order finally c:
Was late because Daddy had to take three two hundred bucks worth of 18yo Scotch Whiskeys to my Granduncle(well, he's my Grandmother's cousin brother in a way, but the age difference is sooooo wrong, whatever). Met up with Faie and Deq'a at the food court, then bought Donashi ! Curse you tiny things, so cute ! After much stares from pass-byers admiring the Donashis, movie time ! Oh, saw Mimi there too :) Oh, Deq'a learned how to use chopsticks! Well, something really interesting happened before going up to the cinema. We saw someone.

The seats in the theater was really awesome, except the fact that one tall dude's hair blocked my subtitles. Oh, POPCORN !

Movie, Killers = Awesome !

Theeeennnn, after the movie(did I mention the seats?Yes, I did.) Sya came and ambushed me! HAHA. Met Deanna and Ja Syu, nice to meet you girls. Then Sushi King ! Hee. Sya paid for the meal, half half you see. :) So, yeah. Mai and I chatted while eating, it was fun, and really interesting to hear. I had loads of fun. Thanks Mai and Sya.

We went to the rooftop and Zul's reaction was hilarious! As if I was a savior bringing food after two centuries! HAHA. He headed straight for the Donashis! Yep, then we walked a bit, to Giordano. Dad reached soon after that.

My day :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pink Day !

Had an awesome day with Licoln, Sunbae and Kelly. So, as usual, I was late, the traffic was annoying as hell. They were at Secret Recipe, all wearing black, as if it was someone's funeral! HAHA! Well, it was matching though, I wore white and black! Licoln bought Prince of Persia tickets. She bought me double scoop mint chocolate chip BR ice cream to cheer me up. Awwww ;) The movie was awesome ! Despite the cold, I stayed in the theater the entire time, not wanting to miss anything at all! Smart choice to choose not to drink before entering ! HAHA! After the movie, we went for some SUSHI ! Got completely bloated! It was one nice day; a random convo:

Me: Aw, I'm not wearing any pink.
*looks at Licoln, she had her pink watch* Alrighty.
Some Random Aunty: Your plaster is pink ! :D

My day was awesome, how was yours?
Talking to Mango and Mai was awesome too :)
I'm going to try and draw Lady Gaga. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Destined to do better things!

Yep, that's all. I know now. Yes, I know. Reshween, you know what I know, you know. HAHA.
And thanks to the one in Oregon, thank you so much. Ily.



I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BEST FRIEND ! Friends for ten years and more to come! Of course I don't remember how we met, like seriously, do you? But I thank God so very the much that I met you! God gave me a partner in crime! An awesome partner in crime; treating the school office as if we own the thing, taking the keys for the PA system and making announcements as if we own the entire school! HAHA! Those days....*a long melodramatic pause, reminiscing* Oh, before you go all 'WTH? No picture in this post?' let me explain please, it's because this is how I email Reshween and hence I will make ALL of you read and read and read like how we always do in emails and messages! I save most when I message her because we type literally everything and reply to everything in one or two messages. That's how to save credit people! LEARN! My mom used to complain why I needed to text her even though I see her everyday in school. HAHA! Talks after school! There are after school parties and after party parties, why not after school texting? HAHA. She's always there when I need her to be! Always knows what to say and what to do when I cry. The one that cheers me up, the only one able to make me smile by simply cracking the lamest jokes(they are lame sometimes but in a good way) I remember very clearly when she gathered us at the stairs to the library to tell us that she's moving to KL, not soon but SOON. Yeahh, we fought from time to time but we make up all the time. Understanding and really whacky! She's Reshween, one of a kind and irreplaceable, cliche but it's true! She's the only reason why I learnt football and I remember part of the Manchester United history, mainly the Old Trafford and all. HAHA. She's just so special. The respect we have towards each other and the commitment in the friendship(HAHA! Sounds like a relationship!) keeps us friends till now. She's one person that will never ever judge, she's awesome. AWESOME, A W E S O M E. I have no more idea what to write because I dedicate a lot of post for this girl and I think I'm running out of idea! Distance ain't no problem in this friendship, no matter how far we are apart. :)

Usually our emails are longer but since they're always filled with gossips and updates. I don't think you guys would want that. HAHA.

Monday, June 7, 2010



I was so shocked when she came to school that day to visit :) Then brought me and Pris to Parade before leaving to Selangor. Had the best time ! The way she drove was insane ! HAHA! I miss you so much, K. Elly. Hope you had a blast and good luck in everything you do ! I wanted to post this in the morning but was rushing to get to Tinie's.

I'll post about my afternoon and evening tomorrow morning. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'll Never Be The Same.

( Sya, you seriously need to clean the mirror )


Woke up 5.45 in the morning because Jaycee needed to go to Starwalk crap. The morning was awesome, oddly, freshly showered and everything. Hopped into the car and listened to FlyFm all the way. After dropping Jaycee off, Dad took me to the Dim Sum place near Falim. I mean, I agreed because besides chicken and pork, there's prawns and fish used to make dim sum. Ordered some prawn dim sum, porridge and fishballs for myself while Daddy ordered anything that looked pretty enough to eat. He couldn't finish the thing so he told me to eat the fried dim sum, blindly thinking that he knew I wouldn't eat any walking living thing, I took the dim sum and ate it! Freaking chicken I tell you ! Like, YUCKS ! Seriously, the taste of it made me so nauseated. I had to wash the whole thing down with Oolong Tea. I actually got nauseated ! DADDDDDDYYY, how could you! Grr. Sorry, I ate you, chicken ! NEXTTTT!

Then after the whole thing, Dad drove me to the same spot near our place to let me drive and everything. It was better than yesterday! Dad's probably more excited than me! He was reading the newspaper at that restaurant, he came to an article about driving institutions and he showed it to me, with an 'YOU-SEEEE' kind of expression! Dad let me turn right and everything, he let go of the steering wheel. Yesterday he didn't want to let go AT ALL. Seriously, do I look so dumb to actually let the car crash ? =.= Had FlyFm on the entire time, it kept me relaxed. Drove back home and parked the car safely ! :) Then got home and saw Mummy :D That last sentence was so random, but if you know me well enough, during holidays, I rarely get to see my Mom in the morning. So yeah.

Ong was pretty surprised that I woke up early ! HAHA.

That was Yours Truly's morning. How was yours?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Daddy let me drive today ! Not really, but I drove 300m back home ! HAHA. It was fun and there's another session tomorrow ! Woots ! ! I'm tagging along to send Jaycee to the Starwalk, then the drive ! :)

Zerra, (and TI- Teluk Intan) wait for me yea :D

Yours Truly is waiting for her Mommy to bring home the folio, she needs to finish it ! ! !

Your heart is broken
To your surprise
You're sick of crying
For blue eyes
So tired of living
Think hard woman
I think you should

Come, sorrow is so peculiar
It comes in a day, then it'll never leave you
You take a pill, wonder if it will fix you
They wonder why sorrow has never left you

I'm talkin' bout blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter matter
So blind, so blind
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter with you?

Ohh, you'll wind up broken
At the end of the round
Won't find your spirit
In a lost and found
Oh I've been watching
How you behave
Not much like a lover
More like a slave

Come, sorrow is so peculiar
It comes in a day, then it'll never leave you
You take a pill, wonder if it will fix you
They wonder why sorrow has never left you

I'm talkin' bout blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter matter
So blind, so blind
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter with...

Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter matter
So blind, so blind
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter with you?
What's the matter with you?
What's the matter with you

Life goes on, things happens for a reason. Plus, you have us! Always there for you, no matter how far away we are. :)

Finally the MYE(Mid-Year Examination) is over!! I think I did great drawing but my objective paper A PHAIL.

(let's cross out some of it yea)
- Art folio
- Art Paper draft
- History, Arts and Maths paper

- Moral Folio

- Preparations for the interview
- Arts paper 3D model
- T-shirt design
- Add Maths project work.

I got the testimonials from Pn.Sushil and the school, wish me luck people out there, every time you smile, is a good luck wish for me yeaa :) SMILE MORE SMILE SMILE, you evil thing ! HAHA.

Something happened today, something I wasn't expecting at all, she confronted me. She came to me and made me sit there and listen to her explanation. Thank you Kuba, for sitting there patiently, waiting for it to be over.

She told me she praised me in front of her Upper Six students and how she wished some of them could make me an example. She thought I was responsible, a natural leader and a mature person but when that day I backed up my friend, the mirror shattered(her words, not mine) she said there's a flaw in my point of perspective, said I was clouded by my emotions that day, how the respect she had for me just shattered. Yep that. Hmm. She almost made me cry, I think she was trying to make me guilty, I didn't feel no guilt but awe that I had once been looked up by her. She was trying to get me back to join her in the Board. I'm not sure...

I found out something else too, a girl liking me, I'm not trying to be vain or anything but yea. That. Interesting you see. Haha. I bet Prusho's gonna question me once she sees this! Yes, Prusho, I know you too well.

Let's do some MPD-ing.
I miss the one who I won't see for three weeks.
I miss the one whose birthday is coming soon.
I miss the one who made me learn Iris-Goo Goo Dolls.
I miss the one who's just FREAKY.
I miss the one I waste my phone credit on.
I miss the one leaving soon.
I miss the one currently in her hometown, TI.
I miss the one who missed calls me just for fun.
I miss so many people. If you're not here like you're most likely supposed to, it means, I'll be seeing you soon and hence, no reason to miss. ;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ass Busting!

Frustrating day! Exam weeks are even more hectic, I feel like bashing my head against the wall or something like that!

- Art folio
- Art Paper draft
- History, Arts and Maths paper
- Moral Folio

- Preparations for the interview
- Arts paper 3D model
- T-shirt design
- Add Maths project work.

These ain't gonna stop me from enjoying life! GO PENNY GO!