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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seventeen Birthday Candles.

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Went out with Sya and Mai on Sunday for a pre-celebration since this whole week Mai and I have to stayback to retake our trial papers.

Got Aiden and Ellie from the two

I talk to Aiden, he's fun, he's a fun pink whale plushie. And Aiden is of course named after Donghae, our Fishy ;)

Before that, Yours Truly had some fro-yo courtesy of Sya. Later then we went to K-Box for some karaoke session. If you were there, it would be so embarrassing and awkward for you to watch! The two literally sang their heads off! Then we took a cab back to Sya's place; we hung out, talked about what we talk about, then Mai 'sent' me home.

28th SEPTEMBER 2010.
Woke up to a lot of texts wishing me 'Happy Birthday' and all, great start.
When I went to school, I didn't say a thing and no one remembered until one of them wished me, Pitha's reaction was hilarious! Chucky passed me a card from an anonymous sender, no signature no nothing, until I saw the word 'mint ice cream' then I knew it was Ein. I like how we have something to remind each other of each other. :) I got myself two classes singing me the 'Happy Birthday' song and I was seriously awed. Joanne and Shireen baby came up to my class just to see me to wish me. So many hugs and flying kisses. Zura even gave me the honor to greet the teacher! HAHA!

I can't express my gratitude enough, 100+ wishes on Facebook(messages and wall comments) least expected wishes and everything. Today was nice, really nice.

And Faie Freak vandalized my arm by doing this:

I didn't have to talk, just show them this they'll automatically remember it's my birthday and wish me! HAHA. Iloveyou Faie

Usually I don't celebrate my birthday, but surprisingly, today my sister, Jaycee came home from tuition with a cake! Black forest cake! ;) HAHA, that ass, I woke up this morning and I saw a handmade card on her table already but it didn't have her signature so I'm not going to take it! HAHA. Sign it, Joanne Chong, I know you're reading this!

Pornstar even got a pair of earrings from Hazerra hun. (Pornstar's my nickname from her, I honestly have no idea why) Today was great, I have 9 minutes left before I make my wish and go to sleep, I hear that it works :) Hee.

Ah, I'd also like to wish three other people a Happy Birthday besides myself!

who was born at 8.18 in the morning while I 8.16 at night.

Carmen Lai

Saengil Chukha Hamnida~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mobile Posting 101.

Nah, it's not any tutorial to teach you guys how to blog online. I'm posting from my phone that's all(omg,my first time!). I got my phone back this morning when I went back to the old house and the battery died. I searched high and low finding for a charger, luckily I found one and when I turned on my phone: 54 missed calls and 12 text messages! What a shocker, to me at least. HAHA.

So sorry guys, for not answering the phone and not replying your messages. It happens all the time, I don't know why but whenever it's the holidays, my phone privileges seem to go whacky and I end up losing all the connections with the outside world. People won't be able to reach me during that time at all. A curse I tell you. =_=

I'm on my way to my tuition now and practically freezing to death right now. That's all, a short update from Yours Truly.

I moved back people! No Internet except the phone which sucks actually because my fingers are cramping right now.

Bye. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh! My Lady

Since Mommy let our computer fella handle the Internet issue and all, the Internet in the Kledang house is still running :) Hence, Yours Truly downloaded a whole bunch of clips and watched Oh! My Lady. 10 more episodes to go since I'm not downloading it.

Moving is such a hassle and I was even woken up by Daddy at 12am to go to the new house to unpack my things and put them in the cupboard. Then we got home 2hours later, add one hour to the journey back home. It was crazy but at least now the few things I'll need to unpack later is my notebook and accessories' case. Ah! Some dude broke my full length mirror! WTH! May God bless him during his 7 years of bad luck period.

Did I mention the new room's pink, really pink but luckily the dark colored furniture balanced out the pink and it looks quite nice, I've got to say. My keyboard lies right beside me and now I'm finding a place to put the notebook. Where oh where.

I'll post pictures once I stop being so lazy and addicted to Oh! My Lady. HAHA! The only reason why I posted is because of the drama, really. HAHA. To spread the awesomeness, you see. :) For a 31-year old, Chae-rim(actress on the left) is really pretty. Needless to say, Siwon is hot with his chocolate abs(I should stop here, I'm not fan-girling for Jaycee here).

If you're too lazy to watch or isn't sure if you want to watch, just read the recaps here.

The two out of three reasons why I watch it :)

Another reason is that it's just too cute, it's all about the cute factor in this drama ♥

Ah, this is my most successful DA submission with 746 downloads. Lee Donghae, most people's bias. It's true. HAHA.

Okay, I'm leaving to watch more of the cutesy drama, bye.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Just Fall in Love Again

So this will be my last post before I get any Internet connection after I move back to G.R. It's seven-thirty in the morning right now, Mom's out to buy breakfast. I loaded a whole CRV-full amount of things but there are still tonnes left, especially things from my room! I realize I have too many clothes and shorts and books and DVDs and electronic devices (notebook, PSP, radio, camera, phones, headphones and earphones, chargers for respective things and pendrives and mem. cards) then the gigantic hula-hoop. Facepalm-ing myself right now. OTL

Like I said, Mom's out, so I'm sneaking myself some Internet time to type this and download some Empire Kids episodes before the Internet's officially gone, I'm going to do some revision after I move but I will die without any entertainment, TV does not entertain me that much anymore, well, except the upcoming new season of Criminal Minds :)

Oh, I have this new favorite drink; milk! Like really milk! Drank two days in a row, I feel fairer. HAHA! Too late to drink for any improvement height-wise but it's good for your bones and teeth no matter what age you're at right? Right?

Jaycee's on the mattress on the floor beside me right now, she won't budge at all. Her alarm went off three times to David Castro's 'Let's Just Fall in Love Again'. She reaches her phone and presses the snooze button and goes off to sleep again. I'll need to shout at her later, but not now, I need some peace and quiet.


Aminah would like to wish all her Muslim friends a
BIG time greetings to all of you out there! I want Raya cookies!

May peace be upon you :)
(Jawab salam, jangan tak jawab. hehe)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you believe in magic?

Oh snap! I just remembered (since Prusho reminded me) I write my essays like crazy so I ended up with seven pages for my trials paper. Since we need to retake all our exam papers, am I suppose to write another seven pages worth of essay?! I don't memorize my essays so it's kinda hard for me to rewrite the entire thing! It will definitely be a different story then and my right wrist has been in pain since last month I don't think I can write that long anymore. Well, that's depressing. What a depressing thought. I don't want to repeat my English paper or my Arts paper! Dayum! I can't recreate original pieces of mine! Ah, this is so frustrating.

I've been packing my things into boxes and only the manga/anime section took up one whole box! Where to put my novels and dictionaries? And those textbooks, workbooks- I can't wait for school to be over! I suppose I'm lucky I didn't take out the Detective Conan's out of the box since the last move, they're still perfectly organized in the box in my cupboard. HAHA!

I can't wait to move, staying in Kledang is as depressing as having to retake my English paper!(GOD NO!)

Yours Truly will not be online for three weeks or more after this because we all know how slow TM works and how long it takes for the Internet to start running again.

Take care and I love you~