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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh! My Lady

Since Mommy let our computer fella handle the Internet issue and all, the Internet in the Kledang house is still running :) Hence, Yours Truly downloaded a whole bunch of clips and watched Oh! My Lady. 10 more episodes to go since I'm not downloading it.

Moving is such a hassle and I was even woken up by Daddy at 12am to go to the new house to unpack my things and put them in the cupboard. Then we got home 2hours later, add one hour to the journey back home. It was crazy but at least now the few things I'll need to unpack later is my notebook and accessories' case. Ah! Some dude broke my full length mirror! WTH! May God bless him during his 7 years of bad luck period.

Did I mention the new room's pink, really pink but luckily the dark colored furniture balanced out the pink and it looks quite nice, I've got to say. My keyboard lies right beside me and now I'm finding a place to put the notebook. Where oh where.

I'll post pictures once I stop being so lazy and addicted to Oh! My Lady. HAHA! The only reason why I posted is because of the drama, really. HAHA. To spread the awesomeness, you see. :) For a 31-year old, Chae-rim(actress on the left) is really pretty. Needless to say, Siwon is hot with his chocolate abs(I should stop here, I'm not fan-girling for Jaycee here).

If you're too lazy to watch or isn't sure if you want to watch, just read the recaps here.

The two out of three reasons why I watch it :)

Another reason is that it's just too cute, it's all about the cute factor in this drama ♥

Ah, this is my most successful DA submission with 746 downloads. Lee Donghae, most people's bias. It's true. HAHA.

Okay, I'm leaving to watch more of the cutesy drama, bye.

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