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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Jeda- pause(noun) : a short period of inaction; temporary stop, break, or rest, as in speaking or reading; hesitation; interruption; delay.

Pictures from the same day but apparently Sya changed her clothes too many times! Hairstyle too.

The day started off with waking up a tad too late so Yours Truly had to run around the house with cracked heels trying to get ready before Mai reach the house. Forgotten to put on a plaster then we left the house. Sya called when I was looking for my flats(I left them in the CRV) and I lied, saying I had to go to a workshop, then right after hanging up, she called Mai who was just right in front of me. Mai lied and said, she's on the motor on her way. Haha.

When we reached, Adib miraculously knew we reached and told Sya to close her eyes and brought her to us, Sya almost knocked me down when she came to hug me. = =

She was getting ready for her performance and we walked around, checking out the exhibitions. We met Nasyim, Junior, Nicholas, Ja Syu, Deanna and everybody! Haha. Later on, Mai, Adib and I saved the day! We helped out with the Zapin performance girls, Yours Truly pricked her finger more than twice.

Became a P.A. for Sya!

Started having slight sore throat before leaving to JJ. We reached there and ate lunch at Secret Recipe. Havoc but the two guys (Ansari & Syafiq a.k.a. Peya) were so quiet, it felt like they were sitting at a different table. Started the whole JEDA convo when Sya left, so fun! AT FIRST, that is, because Nasyim teamed with Mai. = = Fun gone right there right then.

The guys shopped, I suck at guy wear shopping.

Mai and I went and did a bit of our own shopping. Met up with the guys and Sya(who returned again) at Big Apple. Then everything happened! (That sounds so dramatic, well it was, a part of it that is) Partly, all we did was block traffic, standing in the middle discussing what we should do, contemplating, cracking jokes and end up without any outcome. Yep, Yours Truly rolled her eyes more than once to that.

Eventually, we went home without watching any movies or K-boxing.

Hung out at Sya's place and talked.

Yours Truly came home with more cracked heels, sore throat and really sore toe. Ugh. So tired. Going off, I think I'll die if I continue staying up till so late.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A day at the playground!

Ah, like I twitted, I actually wanted to fill this post with pictures, like totally spam this post but since Tinie didn't give me the cable for her camera, no pictures. Awwwww. Such a bummer.

Well, I got hit by the two stupid basketballs! First, when Mai and I were on the slide thing and this kid threw the ball around everywhere! So yeah, it hit my back. And the second one was when Mai and I were walking on the reflexology paths; there were dudes playing basketball at the court near the path. Yours Truly was walking backwards, laughing at Mai and cheering her to keep walking when suddenly the ball went right at my back, AGAIN! I think I'll fail both my kidneys like that. First the right, then the left, do I look like a bullseye board to you?

Hanson, Jessica and my cousin sister-in-law came and joined us! Hee, with Kitson also after that, took more pictures, called Tinie for help when her camera started vibrating like crazy, camwhored and did almost every thing possible at the playground. It was great! Really amazing! :)

We walked home and Mai hung out at my very-not-clean room; we chatted like we would at Sya's house or at Resh's ! Aww, I miss that.

No pictures, so sad, nothing to describe! HAHA. So I'm going to go off now, tired already, have been active the whole day! Oh!

RESHWEEN!!! OMG OMG OMG! ADAM LAMBERT! She's at the concert right now dancing and singing her ass off for sure!

And and! SAENGIL CHUKHA(생일축하) AZURA!! I sang to her 5 times in 5 different languages!!! I'm so cool! She's the coolest person I know! So cool and chill! Azura is also the greatest monitor ever!!

Signing off.

Give someone a hug today, one person needs an average of 8 hugs per day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You spin my head right round.

Phew, finally Blogspot is working today.

I just want to say:

- Singing with Tinie in class is awesome and stress relieving.
- I'll be starting the Sebastian and Alois drawing really soon. These few weeks have been really hectic. No rest even on weekends. Soon. The drawing will come soon.
- I'm trying to earn money, need my drawing expertise? XD Give me a call.
- That's all, nothing much, really. So I'll post pictures :)

Small sized but totally violent! HAHA.

Super cute brace face of mine! She's mine! Rawrrr, don't be jealous R.E.D.

That's all from me, nothing else to update. Bye.