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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally the MYE(Mid-Year Examination) is over!! I think I did great drawing but my objective paper A PHAIL.

(let's cross out some of it yea)
- Art folio
- Art Paper draft
- History, Arts and Maths paper

- Moral Folio

- Preparations for the interview
- Arts paper 3D model
- T-shirt design
- Add Maths project work.

I got the testimonials from Pn.Sushil and the school, wish me luck people out there, every time you smile, is a good luck wish for me yeaa :) SMILE MORE SMILE SMILE, you evil thing ! HAHA.

Something happened today, something I wasn't expecting at all, she confronted me. She came to me and made me sit there and listen to her explanation. Thank you Kuba, for sitting there patiently, waiting for it to be over.

She told me she praised me in front of her Upper Six students and how she wished some of them could make me an example. She thought I was responsible, a natural leader and a mature person but when that day I backed up my friend, the mirror shattered(her words, not mine) she said there's a flaw in my point of perspective, said I was clouded by my emotions that day, how the respect she had for me just shattered. Yep that. Hmm. She almost made me cry, I think she was trying to make me guilty, I didn't feel no guilt but awe that I had once been looked up by her. She was trying to get me back to join her in the Board. I'm not sure...

I found out something else too, a girl liking me, I'm not trying to be vain or anything but yea. That. Interesting you see. Haha. I bet Prusho's gonna question me once she sees this! Yes, Prusho, I know you too well.

Let's do some MPD-ing.
I miss the one who I won't see for three weeks.
I miss the one whose birthday is coming soon.
I miss the one who made me learn Iris-Goo Goo Dolls.
I miss the one who's just FREAKY.
I miss the one I waste my phone credit on.
I miss the one leaving soon.
I miss the one currently in her hometown, TI.
I miss the one who missed calls me just for fun.
I miss so many people. If you're not here like you're most likely supposed to, it means, I'll be seeing you soon and hence, no reason to miss. ;)

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