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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stars, Hearts and Polka Dots

I need some sleep.

The name tags are done, tears had to fall to get my sister's attention to WAKE UP and tell me where she put the hole puncher!

Off to school, will post later :)

Lady Gaga shades in the house! BGP!

Director and Props Manager.

Lyn 啊斯林.I don't think I've shown her picture yet, so here's one! In the stuffy tent. I bet she knew I was taking her picture! HAHA. She was looking.
The not-feeling-so-well Lyn, the hungry Mai, the one trying to crack a joke Tia.

Under the shade :)

I'm back.

I'll talk about this morning's theater later because it'd be better with pictures from Tinie and Atikah.

So, the first thing in the morning was of course getting to school. I got there and passed the name tags to Amy and Yus. Later on the others started to arrived and we went to the hall. Met with Lyn and the other cadet girls. Passed them their name tags also. Then helped Lyn with her beret and uniform while I myself played with Wai Yaen's headgear!

Then saw Dayah so I did the peace-wiggly thing with her! ;D So cute! HAHA.

Was busy running around to the hall and to the field because of theater and I simply couldn't make myself stay in one place for too long. I can die ._.

After theater, Yours Truly waltzed(not that gracefully) to the field to join the others. Had an encounter with Zul. Then there was treating Yoke Jen and Shireen AND Mimi, taking pictures with Sivagamy and many more people, I don't really remember. HAHA. Sorry. BUT I STILL WANT THE PICTURES. Later on I saw Kak Fatin! :) Talked to her for a bit and then wandered off again, OH, had an awesome 'sighting' with Qiela!! Bella and Tun came ! woots!

Then, someone made an announcement and seriously made me blush.

After all those, had a stroll, an aimless stroll out of boredom, with Lyn. She was sick and refused to get out of the stuffy tent, I had to pull her out! HAHA. The arm in arm stroll was filled with tease and random 'huh's and 'hah's because the PA system was too loud and she whispers most of the time! =.= The funny part was whenever the juniors tried to sell things to her, she would ask if the food's allowed. I shook my head more than a thousand times that morning/afternoon. We stopped by a really 'strategic' spot under the tree because she was tired. Then without noticing, time flew and it was time to go back.

Mai called all the Theater girls to go to the backstage to clean the things and have a little heartfelt appreciation kinda talk. I ended up tearing a little when Mai thanked me. I'm awed and really awed. ILOVEYOUHUN :) I think I know what you're talking about, kiddo.

Unlimited thank you's to :
Atiqah Lott for carrying the hamper and doing whatever I tell you to. Plus, the whispering just for fun was FUN. She's a ball of laughter and cheesy grins!
Nadhirah for helping with the props and suggesting the help!
Fara, Athirah & friends(sorry I don't remember all of your names, but I know your faces laaa) for all sweeping, carrying, running around helping the costumes, microphones and calling me 'Kak Penny' all the time. :) Very cuteeee.
Tia for bringing the random sweetness and cuteness !
Wan Teh for watching the 'kubur' ! HAHA. She calls me 'senior' all the time.
Atikah for helping props also!
Sheau Ching for helping around, buying 100plus for me(for Lyn)
Wan Mei for replacing me to take the award, "you're carrying my name, don't trip!"
Vasantha & Uges for helping out with the decoration!
All the 5Avicennians for being Avicennians! :)
Yoke Jen for buying me drinks and then taking walks with me. Sorry I ditched halfway. ;p
Yoke Ching for the 'special' gift

I had a great time, even though I didn't get to spend it with my Gay Bunnehs + Gay Manager(Deq'a), it was an experience worth remembering for the rest of my life!

Who would have thought that drama, hot suns and strolls could be that much of fun !

I feel really loved today and I love it!

Yes, I melt that easily.

I respect and love those who respects! So yes, I respect and love all my prop girls(this includes Fara and the form 3 girls), plus Nadhirah, Atiqah Lott(wait, she hasn't called my name yet, not even once!She usually taps my shoulder or gets my attention by waving), Tia, Sabrina 'Kiddo', 'Mydin'.

I got darker, times two! The stroll with Lyn did it all ._.

Lyn, dengar cakap Miss! :) A tiny shard of my heart fell off when you told me you're sick. Don't do that!

Oh, I think I caught Lyn's virus or is it the sun working its way to my brain, causing me this crappy headache. Must.Go.Get.Vitamin.Bye.

"I'm scared next year you won't be here already so want to take picture with you." Ooi Peng said that.

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