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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

kim mcSOLAR...

...In conclusion, all of them are just so cute in their own way~ :D
With Teukie-oppa and all the way to PrinceKyu and Zhoumi and Henry~ Irresistible !

Super Junior Hwaiting ~!

Yours Truly is going to try and update sometime soon, is really busy with school and things.
My day today was 'eventful' though. I can gladly say that I've grown up, I'm no longer the 'kiddo' you know last time. Time has passed and changed the way I think, I consider and I act. I'm a better person, more mature.(not vain!)

See you guys tomorrow at 0300 hours.
Me and my screwed up sleeping schedule.

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