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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Last Airbender

I must, start with the RM8 Issue that happened between me and an anon person. It went like this;
So, I collected the tickets I reserved the night before, not knowing how much it cost. The lady asked me for RM16, if divided with 2, RM8 per person. Then, the culprit(anon) arrived, I informed that he/she was to pay me RM8, he/she agreed and told that he/she will pay later. Later on, I borrowed from her/him RM8 because I needed something, he/she hesitated but lent me the money in the end. It was the end of the day when this happened:

A(Anon): Pay me back RM8
P(Yours Truly): What are you trying to say, you owe me RM8, then I borrowed RM8 from you, meaning I don't owe you any money at all, you're just paying your debt by borrowing me the RM8.
A: No, I want that RM8.
P: *explained the calculations, screaming*
A: *confused*
P: *demonstrated, took RM8 out and reenacted the whole borrowing and lending*
A: *not satisfied*
P: *pissed off*
A: *gave up*
P: Ugh, I'm posting this!

Let me tell you, the neighbors probably thought I was out of my mind, hollering and yelling the explanations more than once. I almost pulled out all my hair, I was that frustrated how he/she didn't understand what I was saying!

The Last Airbender was okay, not as awesome as I thought it would be, should be.. I love action packed movies(Yes, I'm serious) so I'm not that satisfied with the fights in the movie BUT, the effects, awesome! :D There's a sequel coming soon, most probably since the Avatar Gang didn't find Toph yet. Rather sad that Jackson Rathbone is the main reason why they are watching the movie though. :( He is hot but, like, seriously?!

Yours Truly bought Super Junior's 4jib Version C(repackaged)!! BONAMANA 미인아
And she got herself loads of Super Junior posters!

So now,
Super Junior Fanfiction Mania
&& multiple Star King episodes with Suju and SHINee.

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