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I want to live in a world full of cliche fantasies, plus the screwed up storyline of course.
I love who I love and love is what holds me together now.
My heart has the fragile signs taped all over it.
I can make a great facade, I'm just too good that it hurts only myself in the end.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ribbons & Secretarial Work.

This was from Mommy dearest's birthday where Thomas led us to the wrong place and while waiting for him to come and pick us up, we camwhored :)

That day, Thomas Dai Lou bought rice from Vanggey! Woot woot ! Spicy like no other!

Miss Fish dropped by one night! She taught me a lesson: Fishies drink seawater! & she's one fishie that drinks beer and uses tissue! :D

First Black Label night, before ! No after picture because it looks too horrible to be shown and the quality is really bad.

But here's the driving home after the second BL session :D Look at the time, 12 something in the AM!

Oh, Yours Truly passed her driving test !!!!!!! But Yee Leng still won't let me drive her car! She offered the Unser but I didn't want to drive that huge car!

Just did some online shopping and heck, I shouldn't do it anymore! HAHA! I'm one big spender!

I would love to Happy-Birthday-Shoutout here!

An awesome deskmate and friend when I stepped into the so called honeymoon year in school. Had lots of great times together even though it wasn't for long! I miss you so much & I wish you with all my heart the best in everything !


One of my ex-colleague from Brewster's! The experiences shared and things taught, I'll never forget any of it! Thanks and I wish you all the best in life! Have a blast man!

Gah, sleepy, got to go, I left my make up bag in Brewster's! Shizzz! Luckily I have my baby oil in my room, if not I'll wake up a zombie tomorrow morning!

I love you, do you know? ;)

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