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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vitamin C!


Because I came home smelling like oranges; after peeling oranges for tomorrow morning, very randomly I decided to talk about peeling oranges! :) More like how to peel them! Peeling oranges is a part of my daily routines at Brewster's, besides washing and setting up things and serving and taking orders and giving back the customers' change. Whoa, rambling, STOP.

I'm gonna give you some really childish scribbles to make things easier, because, you know; sometimes explaining is a little too h-a-r-d.

Tools needed:
-A stainless steel spoon
-An orange
-A knife

So, let's get the peeling started! :D

1. Cut off the top and bottom part of the orange (as shown in scribbles above). Cut about 5 cm's off, just nice enough for it to stand vertically.

2. Then, make it stand and cut gently as shown (the two vertical lines). CAUTION: Don't cut it through and through. Instead, cut as thick as the peel, try not to cut the juicy flesh inside. Use force nice enough like how you would pet your small little bunnies or kitties. If you're a pet abuser, don't try this at home ;o
3. Take the spoon and stab it right between the peel and the flesh, above the white fleshy layer* that we all tend to not eat because it is a little bitter. With that, you tug the flesh and peel of the orange apart.
You get me? LOL. That's how you peel and orange to juice.

Tips 101 !

*White fleshy layer= Pith
The pith actually has a lot of vitamins too! And all the antioxidants needed by our body. Erm, yeah, healthy. Of course it's bitter, just don't peel off the entire pith, a little will do no bitter-harm. (:

And and, if you roll the orange ; if makes peeling easier as the peel is 'loosened from its pith.

If your oranges are frozen, mommy left the chiller too close to freezer temperature, it hardens. Soak your oranges in water first, let it thaw/defrost.

Hope it helped, share with me how you remove them peels by commenting`! (:

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